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Miss Dance Drill Team California – Dance Team Competition & Solo Title Pageant 2016-12-06T17:40:27+00:00

dance competitions in california


Miss Dance Drill Team California is the longest running statewide California dance team competition for school teams, drill teams, dance studios, all-male hip hop dance teams, and more! The highlight of the event is our California solo title pageant, where soloist dancers can qualify to represent the Golden State at the U.S. national dance competition (Miss Dance Drill Team USA Nationals & Pageant).

Miss Dance Drill Team California competition will be held January 27 & 28, 2017 in the beautiful city of San Marcos, CA!


All participants must be under 19 years of age and active registered students/members of the school, dance team, drill team recreation program, dance studio or private organization they represent. Each team Director must submit the official Miss Dance Drill Team California entry form application or online registration form. Contestants are to be a model citizen of their dance-drill program & community.


Contestants compete in a randomly assigned order at a designated time. Competition staff reserves the right to make division/size changes. Performance lineup & final instructions will be emailed to the team Director no later than 10 days prior to the competition.


Event begins on Friday, January 27th for solo title contestants only (All Miss, Teen & Mr. contestants are required to attend a pageant production number rehearsal later that evening… See solo title info page on our official application for details). On Saturday, January 28th, competition will feature Best of California solos, duet/trios, officer routines, and all team routines. Immediately followed by solo title pageant finals & awards.

Trophies are presented to half the teams in each division. Additional prize this year for solo title winners: Beach photoshoot for Miss Dance Drill Team California and Mr. Dance California solo title winners!


All routines must demonstrate formation changes & specific technique of category entered. Teams and soloists are judged on routine construction, technical execution & showmanship. A panel of highly-qualified judges will score each performance in the above (3) areas. Scores are averaged out of a total possible high score of 100 (Any penalties are deducted from the score PRIOR to averaging). Judges’ decisions are accepted as FINAL.


Due to the growth of the MDDT California dance competition, we’re happy to now accommodate teams of all sizes… small, medium, and large!


Jazz: Routine emphasis must be on jazz dance technique. Props permitted but must not be the focal point of the routine.
Lyrical/Contemporary: Routine must be of a poetic style with soft, flowing choreography & creative/dramatic movements. Much more technical & controlled in nature than any other division.
Hip Hop: Routine must demonstrate street dance styles: hip hop, funk, freestyle, house, grooves, popping, locking, breakdancing, etc (may include up to 3 gymnastic feats).
Military: Routine displays precision movements. Choreography must demonstrate sharp angular arm sequences, a variety of marching styles & contagion/level dynamics (kickline sequence is allowed). Traditional military includes leading with the left foot.
Kick: Majority of routine must emphasize defined and precise kicks, with focus on technique, height, timing and unison.
Pom/Song: Routine must focus on the use of pom-pons, featuring innovative dance and precision movements.
Novelty/Character: Routine emphasis must be on characterization or be of a unique, thematic nature. Entrants must use clever costumes and unusual or innovative moves to convey the thematic character-driven choreography. Small sets are allowed.
Prop: Routine emphasis must be on the use of a prop or variety of props as the major focal point.
Co-Ed: Emphasis must be on male/female interaction. Co-Ed Dance routines can draw from any style of dance. Co-Ed Hip Hop routines must follow Hip Hop division requirements. Teams must have a minimum of 3 boys & 3 girls to compete in this division.
Dance/Drill: Routine must consist of 50% jazz or lyrical choreography and 50% military choreography.
Open: Routine may be of any style, or combination of styles.
Duet/Trio – “Best of California”: Routines are limited to 2-3 performers of any age & in any of the following styles: jazz, lyrical, hip hop.
Solo – “Best of California”: For soloists who wish to compete against other solo performers in their age/school grade level and preferred dance style: jazz, lyrical, hiphop.

PLEASE NOTE: There must be at least (3) teams in each division, otherwise those routines will perform in the “OPEN” category. Teams are not allowed to compete against themselves in the same size division.


Teams have 30 seconds to enter/exit the floor. Timing and judging begins with the first beat of the music and ends with the last beat of the music. Team routines must be 2-3 minutes in duration. All solo & duet/trio routines must be not less than 90 seconds and not more than 2 minutes in duration.


All music must be recorded on a new, high quality CD with only ONE SONG on each CD (Directors should bring a back-up CD/ ipod for emergencies). CD must be labeled & marked as follows:

Performer’s Name / Team Name
Division Category

Note: When burning music onto a CD, you MUST use blank CD-R discs (NOT CD-RW). Please remember to “close the disc”.


Performance costumes must enhance the theme and/or style of the routine. Costumes must be in good taste, appropriate for a family audience, and approved by the team’s Director. With regard to footwear, our preference is performers wear any style of soft/rubber sole shoes; but half-soles/bare feet are permitted.


Props and sets may be used in a routine. All props/sets must be rubber-tipped to prevent floor damage. If protective tips are not used, the routine will be disqualified. Any damage to facilities or performance floor caused by use of props and/or sets will result in disqualification. Damages will be charged to the team’s school.


  • Same routine/choreo in multiple categories = Disqualification
  • Under/Over Time Limit = 2 point penalty (teams under/over more than 30 seconds may be disqualified)
  • Entrance/Exit Music = 2 point penalty (music other than actual routine music and not within routine timing is not allowed)
  • Entered in wrong category = 5 point penalty (also subject to disqualification pending decision of the judges.
  • Not performing at scheduled time = 5 point penalty (not applicable if assigned time changed by competition staff.
  • Performing with more/less dancers than allowed in division = 2 point penalty per person over, or under.
  • Non-compliance w/music submission rules = 2 point penalty A CD must be turned in for each routine. No ipods! (backup only)
  • Music with bad sound quality = 2 point penalty
  • Bad sportsmanship by a performer, team, or director/coach = Disqualification
  • Inappropriate content = If dance movements, music lyrics, or costuming are deemed to bee too suggestive or inappropriate for our family audience, the routine will be scored lower by the judges and may result in disqualification by competition staff.
  • Videotaping & Cell Phone Videorecording = Strictly Prohibited. (Disqualification of your team could result if video cameras are found in the competition arena/auditorium. Please inform students, contestants, coaches, and families of this rule.
  • Coaches caught competing with students = Disqualification



The highlight of the Miss Dance Drill Team California competition is the crowning of the Miss Dance Drill Team California “Solo Title” state champions. Winners are selected following a vigorous competition over the course of the event weekend. Solo title contestants are evaluated by qualified judges in the areas of dance performance, modeling, and impromptu question.


Contestants for the regional championship “Miss” and “Mr.” solo title must be: a registered student at the school/team/studio they are representing, and an active member of their school dance/drill program. Contestants must be of good character, poise, personality, intelligence, and in excellent health. They must also be an outstanding citizen in their school & community.

***The Top (10) solo title winners from each MDDTUSA-sanctioned regional state competition are invited to compete in the Miss Dance Drill Team USA national pageant. In states where there are no official MDDTUSA-sanctioned regional events, contestants wishing to compete for the solo title at U.S. Nationals can still submit entry forms and fees along with a video of their qualifying dance routine and modeling sequence. Videos will be reviewed & return notice of qualification will be prompt.


Dance Routine (70% of the total score)
Contestant must display talent in a dance routine (90 secs – 2 min) using any or all disciplines of dance and/or drill team performance styles (limited to 3 gymnastic feats). Contestants are judged on routine construction, execution & showmanship.

Modeling (15% of the total score)
Contestant must perform a compulsory format demonstrating (5) positions for starting/ending a dance routine. Scored on appearance, content presentation & execution of the following:

Position #1: POSE (pause), then WALK 8 Steps to… Position #2: POSE (pause), then WALK 8 Steps to… Position #3: POSE (pause), and so on…
After the 5th Position – POSE (pause), and then Exit.

Walking only is permitted from position-to-position (no strutting, jazz walks, runs, marching, dancing). Total timing must not exceed 45 seconds. All “Miss” & “Teen” contestants must wear plain, black, long-sleeved leotard (no sheer, low cut, trim), black tights (no net or lace) & black jazz/ballet shoes. (“Mr.” contestants must wear all black & walk naturally from position-to-position during their “Five-Point Presentation”).


Interview/Impromptu Question (15% of the total score)
Contestant is judged on their response to an impromptu question from the judges (response must not exceed 45 seconds). Scoring is based on confidence, projection, poise, diction and enthusiasm. No notes or props! Must wear their modeling outfit (with a plain black dance skirt during prelims – ladies only). Pageant Finals = Formal Wear!


During the night Pageant, the Top (10) “Miss” finalists are announced. Finalists re-compete in the routine category only. The Top (8) contestants after this round then present their modeling poses. The Top (5) finalists after modeling are then asked an impromptu question. Scores are tabulated, and The Miss Dance Drill Team California “Solo Title” national championship winner & her court are announced!

For the “Mr.” solo title, only the Top (5-10) finalists re-compete during the pageant awards program (depends on the number of entries).

For the “Teen” solo title, preliminary modeling and interview scores carry over and the Top (10) re-perform their dance routines during the pageant finals on saturday.

San Marcos High School
1615 San Marcos Blvd.
San Marcos, CA 92078