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usa national dance competition for dance teams, dance studios, drill teams, and solos


We celebrate 51 YEARS as America’s original & official U.S. National Dance Competition in 2018 (wikipedia verified)!

The 51st annual Miss Dance Drill Team USA Nationals & International Competition continues the legacy of Dr. Kay Teer Crawford, who founded the first “dance-drill team” in Edinburg, TX (1929). She created MDDTUSA in 1967 as the first U.S. national dance competition and international championship dance-drill competition for dance teams, drill teams, and dance studios (MDDTUSA started off as Dr. Kay Crawford’s college lab project!). In 1981, Dr. Crawford founded the world’s first world championship dance competition for international dance teams & drill teams: Miss Dance Drill Team International.

As the original & most prestigious national dance competition in the United States, having resulted in numerous genres of competitive dance styles, MDDTUSA is open to all school dance teams, private dance studios, and independent dance programs catering to grades K-12 (under age 19). The highlights of the event consist of team competition, national & international world championship awards, and the crowning of our U.S. national solo title winner! Miss Dance Drill Team USA is the original “grandmother” national dance competition of them all!

Miss Dance Drill Team USA is the FIRST dance & drill team competition and the ONLY trademarked national competition that culminates in a spectacular pageant! Our goal is to educate and train students in teamwork and discipline, to promote high morals and standards and a healthy lifestyle, and to encourage the exchange of ideas and good will between competitors.

The Miss Dance Drill Team USA national competition & pageant is for dancers wanting to compete with the nation’s best. Our competitions give all students from high school, junior high, elementary and mascot levels a chance to perform and compete!  Participants learn that they are important not only as individuals, but also as team members. Our competitors take pride in their performances knowing that they are recognized as the Nation’s Best. This prestigious and world-renowned event makes all the practice, organization and hard work worthwhile because this truly is one of the greatest educational experiences ever.

You and your dancers will take home memories that will truly last a lifetime: Just ask the many dance teams and drill teams from Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington State! Teams from all these States have attended MDDTUSA U.S. Nationals & International Championships in past years… Not to mention the many international teams from Japan, Australia, and South Africa (just to name a few). Your young dancers will have the time of their lives… COME JOIN US AT U.S. NATIONALS!


The bustling, upscale community of Irvine is located in beautiful Orange County, mid-way between Los Angeles & San Diego. Visiting teams enjoy proximity to fine dining, shopping, entertainment, spectacular Southern California beaches, and local attractions such as Disneyland & Knott’s Berry Farm. The Renaissance Newport Beach Hotel & Bren Event Center is easily accessible via major highways just minutes from Orange County Airport. Hotel amenities include complimentary airport shuttle to/from Orange County Airport, business center, outdoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, fitness center, dining, concierge, and high-speed wireless internet access.

Book Your Hotel Rooms for U.S. Nationals
Save time by clicking the link below or contact the hotel directly to book your rooms early, and to take advantage of the Miss Dance Drill Team USA hotel discount! Renaissance Newport Beach Hotel (currently operating as Duke Hotel Newport Beach) – Tel: (949) 476-2001 / Toll Free: (844) 781-7379.


Travel Packages & Airfaire
For team travel package information including airfare group discounts, please contact Kathy Biava at Universal Odyssey, our official travel agency. Tel: (949) 263-2815 / Office: (949) 263-1222 / Fax: (949) 263-0983 / Email: kathy@uoiweb.com



All participants in each routine must be under 19 years of age and active registered students/members of the school, recreation program, dance studio or private organization they represent. Each team Director must submit the official Miss Dance Drill Team USA entry form application or online registration. Contestants are to be of good character, poise, personality, intelligence, good health, and be a model citizen of their dance/drill program and community. All teams are welcome to enter the Miss Dance Drill Team USA Nationals & World Championships without any preliminary qualifying requirements. All teams compete as equals.


All dance routines must demonstrate formation changes & specific technique of category entered. Performances are judged on routine construction, technical execution & showmanship. A panel of highly-qualified judges scores each performance in the above three areas. Scores are averaged out of a total possible high score of 100 (Any penalties are deducted from the score PRIOR to averaging). All decisions of the judges are FINAL. Miss Dance Drill Team USA competition scoring consists basically of the components listed below, but may vary depending on the category entered:

* Routine (40%)
* Execution (40%)
* Showmanship (20%)


Jazz: Routine emphasis must be on jazz dance technique. Props permitted but must not be the focal point of the routine.

Lyrical/Contemporary: Routine must be of a poetic style with soft, flowing choreography and creative/dramatic movements. Much more technical & controlled in nature than any other division.

Hip Hop: Routine must demonstrate street dance styles: hip hop, funk, freestyle, house, grooves, isolations, popping, locking, breakdancing, etc (may include up to 3 gymnastic feats).

Military: Routine displays precision movements. Choreography must demonstrate sharp angular arm sequences, a variety of marching styles & contagion/level dynamics (kickline sequence is allowed). Traditional military includes leading with the left foot.

Modern: Routine consists of codified modern dance techniques and/or abstract concert styles. Performed to any instrumental music selection (no lyrics allowed, but spoken word excepted).

Kick: Majority of routine must emphasize defined and precise kicks, with focus on technique, height, timing and unison.

Pom/Song: Routine must focus on the use of pom-pons, featuring innovative dance and precision movements.

Novelty/Character: Routine emphasis must be on characterization or be of a unique, thematic nature. Entrants must use clever costumes and unusual or innovative moves to convey the thematic character-driven choreography. Small sets are allowed.

Prop: Routine emphasis must be on the use and manipulation of a prop or variety of props as the major focal point.

Co-Ed: Emphasis must be on male/female interaction. Co-Ed Dance routines can draw from any style of dance. Co-Ed Hip Hop routines must follow Hip Hop division requirements. Teams must have a minimum of 3 boys & 3 girls to compete in this division.

Dance/Drill: Routine must consist of 50% jazz or lyrical choreography and 50% military choreography.

Short Flags: Routine must focus on use of short pep flags.

Open/Officer: May be of any genre, style, or combination of styles.

Show Production: Routine consists of a halftime-type presentation using a variety of dance styles. Must incorporate elaborate sets. Emphasis should be on overall production entertainment value. Please contact MDDTUSA for set dimensions/height information.

Duet/Trio – “Best of USA”: Routines are limited to 2-3 high school performers & in any of the following styles: jazz, lyrical, hip hop.

Solo – “Best of USA”: For high school soloists who wish to compete against other solo performers in their age/school grade level and preferred dance style: jazz, lyrical, hiphop.


Teams have 30 seconds to enter/exit the floor. Timing and judging begins with the first beat of the music and ends with the last beat of the music. Team routines must be 2-3 minutes in duration (Show Production division: 2 minute setup/breakdown & 3-5 minute routine). Solo & duet/trio routines must not be less than 90 seconds and not more than 2 minutes in duration.



The highlight of the Miss Dance Drill Team USA National Championship Competition is the crowning of the Miss Dance Drill Team USA “Solo Title” national champion winner, and new pageant format for Mr. Dance USA! Winners are selected following a vigorous competition over the course of the MDDTUSA national dance competition weekend. National and international solo title contestants are evaluated by qualified judges in the areas of dance performance, modeling, and impromptu question.


Contestants for the national championship “Miss” and “Mr.” solo title must be: a U.S. citizen, a registered student at the school they are representing, and an active member of their school dance/drill program. Contestants must be of good character, poise, personality, intelligence, and in excellent health. They must also be an outstanding citizen in their school & community. Contestant’s age on April 3rd, 2014 shall not be younger than 16 years old or older than 19 years old.

The Top (10) solo title winners from each MDDTUSA-sanctioned regional state competition are invited to compete in the Miss Dance Drill Team USA Pageant. In states where there are no official MDDTUSA-sanctioned regional pageants, contestants wishing to compete for the solo title at Nationals can still submit entry forms and fees along with a video of their qualifying dance routine and modeling sequence. Videos will be reviewed & return notice of qualification will be prompt.


Dance Routine (70% of the total score)
Contestant must display talent in a dance routine (90 secs – 2 min) using any or all disciplines of dance and/or drill team performance styles (limited to 3 gymnastic feats). Contestants are judged on routine construction, execution & showmanship.

Modeling (15% of the total score)
Contestant must perform a compulsory format demonstrating (5) positions for starting/ending a dance routine. Scored on appearance, content presentation & execution of the following:

Position #1: POSE (pause), then WALK 8 Steps to… Position #2: POSE (pause), then WALK 8 Steps to… Position #3: POSE (pause), and so on…
After the 5th Position – POSE (pause), and then Exit.

Walking only is permitted from position-to-position (no strutting, jazz walks, runs, marching, dancing). Total timing must not exceed 45 seconds. All “Miss” & “Teen” contestants must wear plain, black, long-sleeved leotard (no sheer, low cut, trim), black tights (no net or lace) & black jazz/ballet shoes. (“Mr.” contestants must wear all black & walk naturally from position-to-position during their “Five-Point Presentation”).


Interview/Impromptu Question (15% of the total score)
Contestant is judged on their response to an impromptu question from the judges (response must not exceed 45 seconds). Scoring is based on confidence, projection, poise, diction and enthusiasm. No notes or props! Must wear their modeling outfit (with a plain black dance skirt during prelims – ladies only). Pageant Finals = Formal Wear!


During the night Pageant, the Top (10-15) “Miss” finalists are announced. Finalists re-compete in the routine category only. The Top (8-10) contestants after this round then present their modeling poses. The Top (5) finalists after modeling are then asked an impromptu question. Scores are tabulated, and The Miss Dance Drill Team USA “Solo Title” national championship winner & her court are announced!

For the “Mr.” solo title, only the Top (5-10) finalists re-compete Friday night (depends on the number of entries).

For the “Teen” solo title, preliminary modeling and interview scores carry over and the Top (10) re-perform their dance routines Friday night.



Contestants who wish to compete for junior national solo titles do not need to prequalify. There is no modeling or interview requirement, and there are no final rounds. Current age on the day of the competition is the only requirement for participation in junior national solo title divisions. Download our official entry form on the registration page for specific details.


Trophies are presented to half the teams in each competition division. All first place national champion teams receive a special high-quality 1st place trophy and perform in exhibition during the Pageant program on Saturday evening. All first place teams will receive a national championship and/or world championship banner immediately following their exhibition performance & will be escorted backstage to take their official national championship team photo. Numerous specialty awards will also be presented: Innovative Choreography, Creative Costume, Team Spirit.

Routines competing in divisions against teams from foreign countries will be awarded international trophies. The first place team in an international division wins a world championship trophy and world championship banner (The highest scoring U.S. team in an international division also wins a National Championship banner).


During the Pageant awards program, the Top (10) team scores from the entire MDDTUSA weekend are revealed. These Top (10) teams will perform/re-compete in the Grand National Championship final round throughout the evening pageant program (immediately prior to the crowning of the Miss Dance Drill Team USA solo title winner). Teams competing in the final round are ranked by our pageant judges, and the Top (5) will receive awards. The winning routine will be crowned Grand National Champions and will receive a cash prize & other goodies.

Please Note: In the event that multiple routines from the same team qualify for the final round, only the the Top (2) routines with the highest point score from that team shall be allowed to compete in the Finals.


The Overall Sweepstakes Team Championship trophy and cash prize scholarship is awarded to the team entering (5) or more “TEAM” routines and totaling the highest number of place points (awarded by trophy placement: 1st=6, 2nd=5, 3rd=4, 4th=3, 5th=2, Participation=1). In the event of a points tie, the team with the highest number of 1st place routines will be named the winner of the Sweepstakes Team Championship.

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