Oct 29

Miss Dance Team Minnesota

October 29
Apple Valley MN
Jan 26

Miss Dance Drill Team California

January 26, 2018 - January 27, 2018
San Marcos CA
Feb 09

National Street Dance USA

February 9, 2018 - February 10, 2018
Torrance CA
Mar 03
Apr 21

Six Flags Magic Mountain Classic

April 21, 2018 - April 22, 2018
Valencia CA

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National Dance Competition Blog & Winner's Circle

All blog articles are curated by MDDTUSA staff. Featuring submissions by special guest writers and dance industry professionals.

15th Annual Miss Dance Team Minnesota Competition Keeps Growing


On October, 21, 2016, the 15th annual Miss Dance Team Minnesota solo title competition was held at Eastview High School in Apple Valley, MN. Under the creativity of MDDTUSA regional director Jenny Raiche, this year’s competition proved to be the largest in Miss Dance Team Minnesota history. If you are a dancer in Minnesota or know someone who is, make sure you attend this event next year. More information can be found HERE.

All About Our NEW Dance Blog!


After quite some time and years of consideration, the MDDTUSA executive board has decided that the time has come to create an official blog for the competitive dance industry. This decision will involve three key projects as we begin to create regularly updated content:

First, we intend to create blog posts that archive Dr. Kay Teer Crawford’s “Let’s Cheer” magazine, which served as the official magazine for dance-drill teams and cheerleaders between 1974-1989. This means you will be able to read news articles that were written and edited by Dr. Kay Teer Crawford herself, as well as MDDTUSA staff!

Second, we have now acquired the writing staff at DanceTeamNews.com, who will now exclusively write for our new blog. All content from that website will soon transition to this blog… and that is quite a lot of content for you to enjoy!

Finally, we will be writing new posts and updates in en effort to unify the competitive dance industry (i.e. directors, coaches, educators, choreographers, parents, and dancers). Guest writers will be invited to submit relevant articles, and dancers will be able to submit videos and photos for consideration to be featured in future articles.

As the FIRST, original & longest running national dance competition organization in the world, MDDTUSA has a far-reaching audience; and we now intend to actively participate in new discussions and the sharing of information to continue the growth of Dr. Kay Teer Crawford’s legacy.

Breaking News in California: Theater & Dance Act Signed Into Law (SB 916 & AB 2862)


Congratulations CA dance educators! Legislation authored by State Senator Ben Allen (D – Santa Monica) to establish single-subject teaching credentials for theatre and for dance was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown this week.
“California is the arts and entertainment capital of the world, yet we are one of only two states in the country that does not authorize teaching credentials in theatre or dance,” Allen said. “I am so pleased that we have finally elevated these two important disciplines to the stature they deserve,” he added.

MDDTUSA’s executive board submitted letters in support of the passage of these laws (along with many other California performing arts stakeholders). Dance education in the state of California has been changed forever! For more information on these new laws, CLICK HERE.