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Are you a dance industry educator, coach, choreographer, dance studio owner, or dance/drill organization director interested in starting an official Miss Dance Drill Team USA charter in your state/country? Become a part of the MDDTUSA family and help us continue the legacy of Dr. Kay Teer Crawford. Upon starting your own charter, you will be eligible to host regional competitions in your state, as well as submit your regional soloist winners for the annual Miss Dance Drill Team USA solo title at U.S. Nationals & International World Championships!

For example, regional charters can be created for any U.S. state (i.e. Utah, Minnesota, Ohio, Texas, Iowa) and also for foreign countries and/or provinces (i.e. Miss Dance Drill Team Japan, Miss Dance Drill Team Brazil). For more information on how to start an MDDTUSA charter in your U.S. state or foreign country, please CLICK HERE to contact us for detailed application information.

And while you’re here, visit the following links of our current Miss Dance Drill Team USA regional charter organizations!

U.S. Regional Affiliates

International Regional Affiliates

Jan 25

Miss Dance Drill Team California

January 25, 2019 - January 26, 2019
San Marcos CA

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